Guru Purnima Satsang

in Tamil 
27 Jul 2018
Registrations Closed
Isha Yoga Center
Velliangiri Foothills
Ishana Vihar Post, Coimbatore, India    
Session Info:
Arrive by: 11 AM on 27h July
Program ends: Mid night 01 00 AM (Same late night)(28th July)
This program is conducted by Sadhguru.

||All are welcome ||Special buses to Coimbatore will be available in the night after the program closes||Pre Registration is important||

Arrival and Departure- Arrive from 7 AM and before 11 AM on July 27th 2018. Check in not possible after 11 AM on 27th Jul 2018 || Program ends at 1 AM on 28th July 2018 (Midnight)

Program Guidelines

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