Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program

Isha Hatha Yoga School delivers classical Hatha Yoga in its full depth and dimension. It is Sadhguru's vision to offer this ancient science in all its purity and make it available to every individual. As a step towards realizing this vision, he has devised the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program. In this program, Hatha Yoga will be taught as a living experience in the most beautiful ashram setting of the Isha Yoga Center, India under the grace of a living master. Upon completion of the program, trainees will have the privilege and fulfillment of bringing this knowledge to many more people.

“We teach Hatha Yoga as a transformative process. The transformation will not only be on the level of your body but in the way you are.” -Sadhguru


" I decided to join this teacher training program because I wanted to find a deeper aspect of yoga. I have been teaching yoga for 15 years, after years of teaching I began to realize that there is a whole another aspect of yoga that I really wasn’t knowing, experiencing and obviously not teaching. The program is so well thought out, such an inward driven process and so rare and so sacred, and to have the opportunity to steep yourself in that over 5 months period, that’s like no other opportunity in my mind and despite the challenges that you will be faced to do that, its well worth it. My perspective of yoga has been flipped by 180 degrees or more. "
- Chris Bunting, Montana, US

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