Survey result for shambhavi Mahamudra

Survey Result for Shambhavi Mahamudra

A survey conducted on 536 Inner Engineering practitioners showed improvement in the following areas:

Factors % respondents reporting improvement
Concentration 70%
Emotional Balance 87%
Energy Level 79%
Inner Peace 91%
Mental Clarity 80%
Productivity 70%
Self Confidence 74%

Raj Maturi et al, Survey of well-being in Isha Yoga practitioners, March 2011

Reduced risk of heart diseases and better cardiac functioning
Heart Rate Variability studies show that Isha Yoga causes greater balance of the Cardiac Autonomic Nervous System, thereby enhancing the ability of the heart to respond to various stressful situations effectively. This reduces the risk of cardiac ailments like hypertension, angina, infraction, arrhythmias, etc.

Improved attention
Neurocognitive tests show that Isha Yoga increases performances in attentional tasks suggesting better distribution and faster allocation of attentional resources and enhanced sustained attention skills.

Enhanced Mental Capabilities
The EEG study on Shambhavi Mahamudra also showed higher levels of coherence between the right and left sides of the brain. This greater whole brain synchronization leads to greatly enhanced mental capabilities like better learning ability, increased creativity, heightened mental clarity, and sharper intellect.

Improved quality of sleep
Polysomnographic study comparing Isha Yoga practitioners and matched controls showed a statistically significant improvement in the efficiency of sleep and lesser number of awakenings during sleep indicating improved quality of sleep in Isha Yoga practitioners.

Increased alertness, awareness, and relaxation
Neurophysiological studies using EEG revealed a substantial increase in delta and theta brain waves and markedly reduced beta and alpha brain waves measured after 21 minutes of Shambhavi Mahamudra practice.

Increase in delta and theta waves are associated with deep relaxation and higher levels of mental focus. Reduced beta waves are associated with reduced mental tension and anxiety. Reduced alpha waves in conjunction with increased theta and delta waves are associated with conscious awareness of the subconscious mind.

These results support a drop in stress and anxiety, a boost in mental alertness and focus, and an increase in self awareness as a result of just 21 minutes of daily practice.

Reduction in menstrual problems
A study on women suffering from menstrual disorders showed a significant improvement in symptoms after the practice of Shambhavi Mahamudra.

Beneficial Changes % people reported
Reduction in severe menstrual pain 57%
Reduced irritability and mood swings 72%
Reduction in heavy flow 87%
Reduction in irregularity of cycles 80%
Reduction in work impairment 83%
Reduction in need for medical and surgical intervention 63%

Reduction in disease conditions and medicine usage in chronic diseases
In a health survey that was conducted on Isha Yoga practitioners, more than 500 respondents reported improvement in their disease status and reduction in medicine usage for their disease.

Disease Condition Respondents reporting improvement Respondents who stopped medication %Respondents whose medication reduced
Allergies 66% 42% 40%
Anxiety 86% 50% 28%
Asthma 72% 56% 31%
Back or Neck Pain 68% 50% 33%
Depression 87% 50% 25%
Diabetes 63% 12% 13%
Fibromyalgia 67% 67% 33%
Gastrointestinal Diseases 67% 50% 25%
Headache 88% 46% 45%
Heart Diseases 37% 33% 17%
Hypertension 63% 28% 28%
Insomnia 73% 30% 40%
Obesity 41% 67% 0%
Poor Resistance to Cold and Flu 86% 75% 13%
Thyroid 51% 9% 50%
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