Cancer Clinic

2 Jan 2022
Registrations Closed
A unique assessment and treatment process is followed based on Sadhguru’s guidance. Our team consists of highly competent doctors who are trained in cancer management using Allopathy, Ayurveda, Siddha and Hatha Yoga. The doctors will use both modern and ancient diagnostic systems by observing the nadis (when possible), tongue, eyes, skin and voice and combine it with modern diagnostic techniques to diagnose and treat various stages of cancer. The fundamental root cause of cancer is addressed rather than just the symptoms. Our emphasis is to manage, support and empower patients through the tough times while working to reduce the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, prevent further relapses of cancer and rejuvenate their general health, and thereby improve their quality of life. The management offered will support in healing one's entire system and promote their ability to undergo the required treatment with ease. Ayurvedic & Siddha medicines along with modern medicine, authentic rejuvenating therapies (if residential treatment is recommended), Yoga and Yogic processes, including advice on diet and lifestyle, will guide patients towards a healthier body and mind. The treatments prescribed are authentic and traditional, yet can be easily incorporated into a modern lifestyle. Pre-registration is mandatory.

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