Surya Kriya

in English 
11 - 14 Nov 2021
Registrations Closed
Vardaan Medical Center,
40 A, Kennedy Avenue
Amritsar, India    
Program Fee:
Rs. 2000
Session Info:
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Attendance in all sessions is mandatory
Registration Deadline: Nov 12, 2021.
Surya Kriya is a potent yogic practice of tremendous antiquity, designed as a holistic process for health, wellness, and complete inner wellbeing. “Surya” means “sun,” and “kriya” means “inner energy process.” Surya Kriya activates the solar plexus to raise the samat prana, or solar heat, in the system. It also balances a person’s left and right energy channels, leading to stability of the body and stillness of the mind. This strong foundation becomes the basis to explore higher dimensions of life. Traditionally available only to select groups of yogis, Surya Kriya is being offered by Sadhguru as a comprehensive spiritual practice that is ideal for the hectic pace of today’s world.

Limited Seats Available. Pre- Registration is recommended.
Age : 15 Yrs & above
Physical Intensity : Medium
No prior experience of yoga is required
Please come on an empty stomach condition: Finish a meal 4 hours prior to the class, snack 2.5 hours prior, beverage or cigarette 1.5 hours before the class.
Due to the nature of the practices taught, there are some contraindications. People who fall under any of the below categories are not eligible to participate at this time.
- Women who are currently pregnant
- Anyone who has had a major open surgery within the last 6 months
- Anyone who has had a laparoscopic surgery or any severe muscular injury within the last 6 weeks
As a general note, always consult and follow your doctor’s advice. If you have any questions regarding your participation, please email us

- Carry your own yoga mat, your own cushion, water bottle, and hand sanitizer
- Maintain 6 feet physical distance
- Wear your face masks all the time
- Participants entry will start 30 minutes before session timing
- No other practices are allowed anywhere in the center including program hall
- In the interest of everyone’s well-being, should you not comply with any of the Covid-19 guidelines, Isha reserves the right to ask you to leave the program immediately. In such cases, there will be no refund of program fees.

Detailed Guidelines will be shared with you over email.
For questions or offline registration details:
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