Bhava Spandana Program for Men

14 Dec 2022
Isha Institute of Inner Sciences
951 Isha Lane
McMinnville, TN 37110 - United States    
Session Info:
This is a residential program.
Note: One must attend all sessions in order to participate in this program, so please consider the program closing time and driving distance before booking flights. Allow travel time of 3 hours to Atlanta airport, 2 hours to Nashville airport, 1 hour to Chattanooga airport (plus one hour time change as Chattanooga is on Eastern Time Zone) You will then need to plan additional time to check-in at the airport.\nArrive on December 14th between 9:00 AM CT and 4:00 PM CT\nProgram ends at 7:00 PM CT on December 21st\n
About this Program

Participants must have completed Inner Engineering or Wholeness program prior to registering the Bhava Spandana Program.

NOTE: If you took the Inner Engineering course online, you must have completed the Shambhavi Mahamudra program, prior to registering for this class.

Bhava Spandana is a once-in-a-lifetime experience; a person may only attend this program as a participant once. If you have taken Bhava Spandana previously and wish to volunteer, please check back later to register for volunteering.

For questions or offline registration details:
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