Uyir Nokkam Sharings

What people are saying about Uyir Nokkam?

"After starting practices, the pain in my spine has reduced. There is an ease and clarity in all the activities I do. I can notice significant changes both on the level of the body and the mind. This has been a tremendous tool not only for my own life; I am able to look after the well-being of people around me also ."
- Prasad, Assistant Professor, Karaikkal

"As I pay attention to and practice each and every posture, I am able to notice the energy levels in my body. As I notice a distance between me and my body and mind, I am able to do what is needed for the situation." – Srividhyanayaka, Student, Agricultural college, Udumalpet

"After participating in this class, whatever I come across, whomever I see in my family, I feel gratitude and love and shed tears of joy. My knee pain is gone. I feel very light without any sense of suffering. Life is happening effortlessly" – Seetha, Housewife, Chennai.

"I could see the improvement in my endurance and flexibility with the practice of yoganamaskar. My spine is more flexible and I feel more agile"– Dr. Sundar Kumar, Orthopedican , Chennai.


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