Q?What is the training program cost and what all does it cover?

The program fee for the 21 week Hatha Yoga Teacher’s training program is USD 10,000(~75 Dollars per day) / INR 6,00,000 (for India) for about 1750 hours of training . In addition to the 21 weeks of intensive training,

It also includes:

  • Accommodation.
  • Meals.
  • Training Material.
  • Practice Material.
    • BhutaShuddhi Kit.
    • 2 sets of practice clothing suited for Hatha Yoga.
  • Post Training Support, including ongoing practice corrections and new teaching material.
  • Introduction to classical South Indian medicine, the ancient Siddha science.
  • Classes and materials in anatomy and physiology.
  • Job placement opportunities.
  • Access to a growing network of teachers and teaching opportunities.
Q?Is there any post training support available after the program completion?

For certified teachers, continuous post-training support will be provided by Isha on various levels.  Ongoing support after the program includes:

  • Regular Upgrade Sessions to continue the teacher training process by introducing new practices, modules, learning modifications for existing practices, and more. It is also an opportunity to meet with training teachers and teachers from other batches, share your experience and get your questions answered.
  • An alumni support system to address questions, notify about upgrade sessions and events, job opportunities, share monthly newsletter and videos/ content will be available as well as an interactive community forum to stay connected with fellow teachers.
  • Foundation support (subject to terms and conditions) is also available to help with:
    • Getting in touch with local center to get started with the teaching process
    • Getting in touch with alumni from previous programs
    • Organizing classes, class material and volunteer support
    • Help with marketing activity to promote your classes
Q?What is the teacher training program schedule?

The Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program is a very disciplined and intense process. It will require 100% involvement in all sessions and full commitment to the process.

Daily schedule: The day begins promptly at 5:30 am and usually ends in the night by 9:30pm. Practice sessions will be in the morning and evening.  Rest of the day is dedicated to classroom and teaching aspects.  The ashram follows a two meals system – brunch and dinner, with a snack in the afternoon.

  • 100% attendance in all classes is mandatory.
  • Students are expected to follow the program schedule strictly.
  • All participants must stay in the Isha Yoga Center premises for the complete duration of the training  program, unless they are going on a trek or excursion organized by the program.
Q?Is there any hatha yoga teacher training program available outside India?

Due to the unique nature of the program and the environment in which it is being conducted, the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program is only being offered at the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore, India. This space has been designed in such a way that it is incredibly supportive for the training, allowing trainees to push past their limitations and commit themselves in a very profound way.

Q?What level of preparation is expected to take part in the program?

It is not necessary to be a practitioner or have any previous experience of yoga to enroll in this training. However it is essential that you be in good mental, emotional and physical health due to the rigorous nature of the schedule and activity.
Participating in Isha Hatha Yoga programs (Surya Kriya, Angamardana, Yogasanas) and Advanced Isha foundation programs (BSP, Shoonya) is highly recommended.

Q?Is there any sponsorship or discounts available?

No sponsorships or discounts are being offered.

Q?What are the key benefits of the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program?

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program can transform your life in a beautiful and powerful way. It is an opportunity to:

  • Learn Classical Hatha Yoga through a program designed by Sadhguru, a live master and yogi.
  • Soak in 5 months dedicated to learning and deepening your own practice, including the systems of Upa Yoga, Angamardana, Surya Kriya, Surya Shakti, Yogasanas.
  • Focus upon establishing these powerful practices in your own experience and then engage in rigorous training which empowers you to teach others.
  • Explore and learn different aspects of yoga beyond asanas (postures) including Kriya, Pranayam, Bandhas, Mantra Yoga, Nada Yoga, Bhakti Sadhana and Bhuta Shuddi.
  • Delve into subjects, which will help you to understand the human body in both structure and function, including anatomy and physiology, the pranic system, the science of Siddha medicine, yogic principles, lifestyle, and diet.
  • Live and practice in the Adiyogi Alayam, a consecrated space specially designed by Sadhguru for learning Hatha Yoga.
  • Be trained by highly qualified and inspiring teachers who are directly trained and guided by Sadhguru.
  • Offer over 48 different teaching modules, designed to be taught in different settings and to different audiences based on the participants’ aspirations and various health/life situations.
  • Train with dedicated individuals from around the world, creating a rich multicultural experience and broad network of colleagues.
  • Participate in a variety of celebrations, events and special occasions at the Yoga Center, including:
    • Powerful processes like Pancha Bhutha Aradhana in Dhyanalinga and Pournami Abhishekam at Linga Bhairavi.
    • Festivals and celebrations at the Yoga Center.
    • Basic and advanced Isha Yoga Programs conducted at the Center.
    • Participation at ashram Sathsangs (literally “communion with truth”) with Sadhguru.
Q?What is the pre-requisite/eligibility to attend the training program?

  • Attending the Inner Engineering program is mandatory to participate in the training program.
  • For outside India, Inner Engineering Online program (www.InnerEngineering.com) and Shambhavi Initiation is required to be completed. You can send an e-mail to info@ishafoundation.org to get more information or view the program schedule at www.ishayoga.org.
  • Taking Inner Engineering will greatly enhance your ability to participate and receive the training in the best possible way.
Q?I wish to enroll for this program for my personal wellbeing only. Is that okay?

The Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program has been designed by Sadhguru to train and equip participants to become teachers and offer the possibility of Classical Hatha Yoga to the world.

It is a Teacher’s Training program and therefore only candidates who sincerely wish to teach will be accepted. The program is very intense in nature and will require absolute focus and commitment.

Q?I wish to teach after the program. Can I teach alone or do I need to have another person with us me to demonstrate the practices?

You will be trained to teach both alone as well as with a demonstrator.

Q?How will I be assessed for certification?

Certification will take into consideration, but not be limited to, the following aspects:

  • Attendance: All sessions are mandatory. 100% attendance is compulsory.
  • Instructions: Trainee must be able to memorize practice instructions.
  • Conduct classes: Trainee must show proficiency in conducting mock classes.
  • Practice: Trainee must be competent to demonstrate practices.
  • Attitude: A trainee must be sincere and willing to participate fully in all aspects of the program.