Accommodation is provided within the premises.  Two students will share a room, which contains a bathroom with shower.  Single and A/C accommodations are also available at an additional cost. Please note: Men and women will be given separate accommodations, however, if  you  are  attending  the  program  with  your  spouse  and  would  like  to  stay together, please so indicate in your application form.


Wholesome  and  pranic  vegetarian  meals  will  be  served  twice  daily.  Seasonal, locally available fruits and vegetables will be provided.
To  support  the  training  process,  participants  are  asked  to  avoid  consuming coffee and tea. Herbal tea will be available.

Internet & Library

Students will have access to an Internet Center with broadband connection outside of class time.  A study room and library is also available with a rich collection of reference books and the entire set of Sadhguru’s books and DVDs.

Adiyogi Alayam

Adiyogi Alayam – a tribute to the Adiyogi is a sacred space consecrated by Sadhguru to raise human consciousness. Unique in structure and design, the Alayam, an 82,000 sq. ft. column‐less hall, is an invaluable offering to humanity.