Linga Bhairavi


Linga  Bhairavi  is  a  highly  expressive  and  exuberant  feminine  form  of the  Divine. Located to the southwest of the Dhyanalinga, the Devi, or goddess, is an earthy, humane, and mother‐like presence.  She is an absolute woman of ultimate proportions, both whimsical and compassionate.  Devi,  unique  in her  manifestation  in  the shape  of  a  linga,  represents  the  nurturing and  creative aspects  of  the  universe.

Consecrated by Sadhguru as a powerful energy form, Linga Bhairavi strengthens the three foundational chakras in the human system, thus stabilizing one’s body, mind, and energy system. Whether  one  seeks  to  acquire,  enjoy,  or  transcend  the  physical  and  material aspects  of  life, Devi  assists  in  whatever  one’s  aspirations may  be.  Be it power, strength, and wealth or knowing and transcendence, Devi is the ultimate giver of all that, and more.


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