The Lineage

According  to  yogic  lore,  the Adiyogi, or first yogi, Shiva,  is  said  to  have  spent  time  upon  the Velliangiri Mountains, gracing this region with his presence many thousands of years ago. Adiyogi left behind a powerful energy palpably cascading from these mountains even today, earning this region the historic reference “The Kailash of the South.”

Generations of oral history in South India detail the lives of countless legendary yogis and  exuberant  mystics  who  were  drawn  to  the  vibrant  energies  of  these  mountains. Working towards the ultimate goal of self‐realization, they transcended the limitations of body and mind, and created tools for liberation. Their mystical knowledge lives on these sacred mountain peaks, accessible to those who know how to access and transmit it.