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Making of a Hatha Yogi 2015:

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Participants share their experiences midway through the 2013 program:

Participants share their experiences teaching after completing the 2012 training program:

There is a distinct difference; the experience of the yoga here is very different. It’s something that you are feeling – electricity is happening. It’s not just the posture, right foot here, left foot there. Experientially something very different is happening. It’s like the seed is put inside of you and it’s turned into wild fire. But it’s not really something you can touch with words. There is a beautiful complexity to what’s happening to me.

Laura Lee Soderberg, USA

The Isha Yoga Center here in India is incredibly vibrant, and it holds a level of energy that I’ve only experienced in the natural world in some very sacred places. All of a sudden you feel as if your body is being hooked up to a new level of electricity and you are gaining vibrancy.  And that vibrancy stays with you, and it carries with you through all your practices and in how you conduct your life.

Chris Bunting, Montana, USA

It has taken me leaps and bounds further than anything else that I have ever done. It is not just about doing the program and learning to teach somebody else; it’s about making this yoga a part of yourself and you yourself changing.

Vivian Willis, Chicago, USA