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“People try to
create an outwardly perfect life, but quality of life is based on the inward.”
- Sadhguru


Inner Engineering  - the peak of wellbeing

( also called Isha Yoga Program in Tamil Nadu )

Inner Engineering is a 3-7 day intensive program, offered either in a traditional class setting or online. It provides the opportunity to re-engineer oneself through the inner science of yoga. Guided meditations and the Shambhavi –Mahamudra practice, a powerful process of great antiquity, are offered to purify the system and improve health, productivity, balance and inner wellbeing.continued ~>

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga involves asanasto prepare the body and mind so that one can experience higher states of meditativeness. continued ~>

Yoga for Children

Isha Yoga for Children (7-14 years) is a 5-8 day program designed to improve concentration, memory, health and wellbeing, and to channel a child’s energy so that their natural potential flourishes, transforming them into responsive, loving and joyous beings. continued ~>