Hatha Yoga Introductory Programs to Learn Various Yogasanas

“Hatha Yoga is the
science of using the body to prepare oneself for the ultimate possibility.”
- Sadhguru

Hatha Yoga Postures - Isha Yoga

Hatha Yoga stems from a deep understanding of the mechanics of the body, and uses yogic postures, or yogasanas, to enable the system to sustain higher levels of energy. By practicing this profound science, one can change and enhance the way one thinks, feels, and experiences life.

Isha’s Hatha Yoga program offers a comprehensive set of yogasanas which require no special physical agility or previous experience of yoga. It is a very subtle process of changing the energy in the system, which in turn straightens out physical and mental imbalances. Regular practice of Hatha Yoga not only improves health and wellbeing, but also significantly enhances the experience of kriyas and meditation. At Isha, Hatha Yoga is imparted not as a physical exercise, but in its full depth and dimension, enabling a person in the most fundamental way, to flower into his ultimate potential.

Hatha Yoga 21 - day Program

"Hatha Yoga is the phenomenon of aligning the human system with the cosmic – a way to hold one's system in a way that it will become a receptacle to receive and hold the entire cosmos."
- Sadhguru

Essentially, once we use the word “yoga” attached to anything, it indicates in the tradition that it is a complete path by itself. Hatha has the word yoga attached to it; that means it is a complete path by itself.

The 21-day Hatha Yoga program is a wonderful opportunity to learn various ancient and powerful ways to transform the body and mind into great possibilities.


5 Distinct Yoga Practices are Offered


is a simple yet powerful set of 10 practices that activate the joints, muscles and energy system, bringing ease to the whole system.


is a series of 30 processes to invigorate the body, and reach peak physical fitness and mental health.


is a potent 21-step yogic practice of tremendous antiquity, designed as a holistic process for health and inner wellbeing.


are a set of powerful postures through which one can elevate one’s consciousness and manipulate energies.

Bhuta Shuddhi

means “purification of the elements,” and is a process of purifying the 5 elements within the human system.

Prior Isha Yoga programs are not prerequisites to attend this program. Anyone interested is welcome.

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