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Dr. Pratap Reddy


Dr. Pratap Reddy,
Apollo Hospitals Group


“My experience at Isha Foundation is something which has transformed me, which has made me realize there is something that is beyond what I am. The compassion that was shown by the people there truly reflects what Sadhguru has given to the world through them. I don't know how to be grateful to him.”
inner engineering
It’s a method, a tool to engineer a deep lasting personal transformation. Over 7 million people have completed Inner Engineering and reported remarkable results. Inner Engineering gives you simple tools to eliminate stress, relieve chronic diseases, sleep better, increase energy and productivity, maintain emotional balance, improve relationships and communication and experience your life each moment to the fullest.
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Inner Engineering participants often report rejuvenated health and experience a deep peacefulness following the program. Daily practitioners share that stress and anxiety gradually melt away, and there is a constantly expanding sense of joyfulness.



Inner Engineering has been helpful for such conditions as:

  • Anxiety and panic, depression, sleep disturbance & insomnia
  • Gastrointestinal distress
  • Fatigue, headaches & allergies
  • Obesity, high blood pressure & diabetes
  • Menstrual problems
  • Stress factors in heart disease


  • Increase your efficiency
  • Eliminate Stress
  • Improve your communication and relationships.
  • Enhance your focus, clarity, memory, and concentration
  • Maintain high energy throughout the day

Quality of Life

  • Transcend your fears
  • Live with a deep sense of inner peace and fulfillment
  • Develop a state of ease not affected by external situations
  • Achieve a heightened state of awareness of body and mind
  • Live and experience each moment to the fullest

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Ravi Venkatesen

“The perspective and practices that Sadhguru has given gives you the strength and stability to go through the day without getting overly disturbed by stress. I can clearly see that i’ve become gentler and less judgmental. My equanimity and sense of calmness in the face of all that life throws at me has certainly improved a lot.”

Ravi Venkatesan, Former Chairman, Microsoft India


Cheryl Simone
“Within 3 months of doing these practices, I was taken off four prescription drugs for severe chronic ailments. Moreover, I am experiencing a heightened connection with other people, and my sense of inner freedom continues to expand.”

Cheryl Simone, President, Atlanta Development Inc.

Chris Rado
“The experience of being with Sadhguru can only be described in one very inadequate, misunderstood word called “Love”. Love, not in the form that we all look at it. Love, as in compassion, not for every other being, not for any time, but for every act of creation.”

Shekar Kapur, Film Producer

   Prahlad Kakkar  
“From the outside, nothing changed. From the inside, everything changed. My energy levels, focus and levels of concentration have gone up. I have far greater compassion and understanding with people now.”

Prahlad Kakkar, Director, Genesis Film Production

Chris Rado
“For about a 3 year period, I was being hospitalized every couple of weeks. I was being sent to the hospital by ambulance in intense pain - so much so, that I was completely debilitated. It has been 3 years since I took Inner Engineering. And the week I left the program is the same week that all my health problems left. I’ve never once been back to the hospital for the chronic stomach pain and nausea that I was experiencing. I’m in a completely different place now. I’ve never been healthier. I’ve never been happier. I’ve had the most successful year of my career ever.”

Christian Rado, Professional Race Car Driver

Angelica Hudson
“Sadhguru is mystical, insightful, beautiful, funny, wise and grounded. I have taken two of his Isha programs, in Los Angeles and Tennessee, and strongly encourage you to explore this program for yourself it’s not to be missed.”

Anjelica Huston, Actress

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